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Ixus Trade is a company based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands since 2001. We carry more than 80000 items on stock (more than 10000 unique part numbers). We buy and sell New/Ref/Used ICT hardware worldwide. We can configure servers/storage or other systems to order (you may choose which processors, rams, hard drives, connectivity, power supplies you want to have). We may also supply quantity of servers, racks, UPS, storage, cabling, etc. Please contact us if you want us to sell your IT equipment or are in need of IT parts or machines that are difficult to source. We strive to reply within 24 hours. Because of our almost constant online presence, you can call us on our office number provided on Contact us page or send us an message via Messenger. 

Hardware services

Legacy hardware support

By supporting all brands of end-of-life equipment, we are able to quickly supply you with hard-to-find spare parts and machines. This includes same day, weekends, holiday, and nighttime needs. Support contract extensions are possible even in the event of a vendor encouraging you to migrate to a new environment due to the end of existing support.

Legacy software support

We are able to support your legacy applications and virtualization of these as well as other data migrations. Our team is able to support you with firmware updates and patches.

IT logistics

We can assist with hardware relocations and warehousing. Ixus Trade is able to work with all data centers in Benelux, UK, Germany, Denmark, and France (due to reachability by means of our own transport) or the rest of Europe and worldwide via local partners. Our own transport is used for transporting privacy sensitive data carriers and mission-critical hardware. We have experience with on-schedule relocations and deployments with regards to IT infrastructure (this applies to weekends, holidays, and during night hours).


We generally use FedEx for shipments within the EU, USA, and Canada. DPD is used for domestic shipments. For areas outside the EU, we use PostNL (Dutch postal service).
Large, heavy items on pallets are distributed worldwide via airfreight, road, rail, or sea.


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