About us

Ixus Trade is a company based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We buy and sell ICT hardware.
Please contact us if you want us to sell your IT equipment or are in need of IT parts
or machines that are difficult to source. We strive to reply within 24 hours.

Our services are:

• Buying and selling used hardware 
• Certified erasing of data with official Blancco technology
• General erasing of data from equipment
• Reporting and remarketing of used hardware 
• Recycling or permanently destroying old hardware 
• All logistical operations that are involved in the above processes

Together we will look at what needs to be done and we make a plan. On that basis you can 
choose from the range of services that we can provide. You don’t have to worry about the 
security of your confident data. We take care of everything.

Ixus hardware collects obsolete IT hardware and makes it suitable for reuse. We also supply 
used, refurbished, obsolete and end-of-life IT hardware. Ixus hardware controls the transfer 
and recycling of used and obsolete devices. We are one of the most reliable companies in our 
industry and provide fast and high-quality services to IT Asset owners.

Ixus hardware gives you the best options and price for your old hardware and finds you the 
optimal solutions for your business. We comply with all legal and environmental laws and WEEE 
(Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive requirements for recycling computers.

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