HPE R7000 SPS-UPS R7KVA 4U 50A HV NA JPN 638831-001

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The innovative Minimally Switched Technology used in the new HPE R7000 UPS improves the performance over traditional lineinteractive UPS designs while reducing the cost, weight, and size of traditional double-conversion online UPS designs. The digital signal processing (DSP) enables complete digital control of the UPS resulting in increased power conditioning, lower system cost, and enhanced user interface interactivity.

DSP technology enables the practical implementation of sophisticated UPS topologies and controls. The DSP can simultaneously control multiple power converters to optimize system efficiency and other performance characteristics such as: enhanced battery management for extended battery life, and improved output voltage regulation. The result is a higher performance UPS in smaller, lighter, more reliable designs-an advantage for space-constrained equipment racks and cost conscious, co-located data center applications.

Operating Voltage Settings: 200/208
Power Out (VA/Watts): 7200VA/7200W
Input Connection: Hubble CS8265C
Output Connection:
LS1: 15A CB - 3 x C19 + 1 x L6-30R
LS2: 15A CB - 3 x C19 + 1 x L6-30R

HPE P/N: AF462A 628822-001 638831-001
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